October 11, 2018

Vienna, AT

Venue : COCO Bar
Time : 20:00
Address : U-Bahn Bogen 34-35
Zip : 1080
Phone : 0660 2297522
Contact Website : http://coco-bar.at/

Siren Call is an alternative rock band based in Vienna, Austria, consisting of Bulgarian born Yvonne Lace (vocals, bass), Los Angeles native Jason de Cordoba (guitar, backing vocals) and from Koszeg, Hungary Gàbor Szabò (drums). Their music steps right into the grunge scene, taking rock’n’roll to a poetic level with a mix of catchy riffs, hauntingly sensual vocals and powerful guitar solos.

Inspired by the Ancient Greek myth of the Sirens, Siren Call carries the enigma and deep allegory of bands like The Doors, paired with Nirvana-like punk and grunge elements of graceful aggression.

The Siren, Yvonne Lace, lures you in with her enchanting voice and the primordial force emitting from her bass playing. Jason’s incendiary guitar performance captivates the audience with its raw emotion and masterful presentation. Siren Call’s music brings you back to a time when music had real substance and fans pondered about the meaning of the songs’ lyrics. Combining the best of punk’s authenticity and alt rock’s complexity and darkness, Siren Call is a band on the rise to watch.