Siren Call is an alternative rock band based in Vienna, Austria, consisting of Bulgarian born Yvonne Lace (vocals, bass), Los Angeles native Jason de Cordoba (guitar, backing vocals) and from Koszeg, Hungary Gàbor Szabò (drums).  Their music steps right into the grunge scene, taking rock’n’roll to a poetic level with a mix of catchy riffs, hauntingly sensual vocals and powerful guitar solos.

Inspired by the Ancient Greek myth of the Sirens, Siren Call carries the enigma and deep allegory of bands like The Doors, paired with Nirvana-like punk and grunge elements of graceful aggression.

The Siren, Yvonne Lace, lures you in with her enchanting voice and the primordial force emitting from her bass playing. Jason’s incendiary guitar performance captivates the audience with its raw emotion and masterful presentation. Siren Call’s music brings you back to a time when music had real substance and fans pondered about the meaning of the songs’ lyrics. Combining the best of punk’s authenticity and alt rock’s complexity and darkness, Siren Call is a band on the rise to watch.

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    • “Direct from Vienna, Austria comes the multi-national alt-rock combo Siren Call. Featuring the Bulgarian born Yvonne Lace on vocals & bass and Jason de Cordoba on guitar, the duo rock a fun and cool 90’s vibe on the video for the track “Just a Man” and look to unleash even more righteous rock unto the masses soon” — August 3rd, 2015”Cellulioid_Annoyed”
    • “Siren Call play fleshed-out alternative grunge rock, tinged with the melodic pop feel of indulgence. The pan-continental trio looks to the seas, salty sailors and myths for their inspiration, and they have crossed those dastardly seas to play America at the legendary Roxy and Whiskey a Go Go. Since their formation in 2012, Siren Call has been earning praise left and right. Their single “Just a Man” took top honors out of 500 other bands in the rock category of the Intel Superstars Contest, and they’ve made several television appearances across the globe while touring.” August 1st, 2015”Innocent_Words”
    • “This multi-international duo works as a unit and has a knack for writing great hooks and bringing a multitude of different flavors to the table. They blend alternative rock with a bit of grunge and a lot of melodic pop, adding in emotional vocals to bring their sound to a poetic level. The band bristles with elegant, melodic aggression, potent roaring guitar and a soulful siren call.” July 15th, 2015”Innocent_Words”
    • “With the mixture of the sultry voice of Yvonne Lace, and killer riffs from guitarist Jason De Cordoba, I predict Siren Call will one day play an enormous part in rock history. They deliver a refreshing style of music,that us die hard rock-and-roll fans have been waiting for, for a very long time” December 15th, 2014”Debra_Heather,UnderThePress”
    • “Very good female fronted rock band, they have that cool alternative rock grunge vibe with some cool melodic tracks to match. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically great and the music is superb.” November 24th, 2014”Scotty-D,_Rock_Bandom”
    • “Traversing the seven seas to seek their futures horizon the trio quickly set about navigating the band from its home in Vienna to a port of the America’s, world famous and industry infamous The Whiskey A-Go-Go club seeing Siren Call captivate the audience with riffs that won’t quit, incredible guitar solo’s, and vocals so haunting and passionate as to be undenied in your attentions, fully and whole.” October 1st, 2014
    • “Siren Call is fresh, modern and one day will be massive. A hybrid of rock, pop and alternative. Spectacular vocals, great production, good instrumentation and overall song composition. Lyrical content is strong as well. Beautiful sound for the backdrop of a major motion picture. Lead vocalist adds a dash of jenesequa. This ensemble’s talent, creativity and marketability has landed them a spot on our #360WatchList.” August 17th, 2014”360_Magazine”
    • “Song I listened to: Just A Man: Those riffs and the drums instantly get you rocking! And not in a cliché kind of way. It is a pleasure to hear such a passionate band, with killer lyrics, and especially during a time where rock seems to be taking a back seat in modern music. Incredibly refreshing!” June 30th, 2014”Skye_McAdams,_When_Life_Hands_you_a_Lemon”
    • Rock, when delivered well, is a place of pure exuberance and extrovert guitars and Siren Call deliver on all counts. With sounds that transcend all geographic borders the trio have enough tatters to the edges to remain connected with the audience, with expansive compositions that fill the room. The grunt and gruff are a delight as the band produces music which has the ability to shine across large venues. The guitar is given room, where appropriate to blossom, whilst a percussion / bass combination hold a reign on the wanderings and a perfectly suited vocal captivates the attention. Although well established as an international touring act, Siren Call have developed much of their following through live performance, which is great. For those of us not in the local environs, they have made little available and I hope they will get round to balancing this anomaly as they have much to offer, if only we could hear it.” May 20th, 2014
    • “This band is turning heads and getting noticed from Austria to the USA!” March 6th, 2014
    • Comfort Zone” is a good, melodic rock song that reminds me of bands like The Connells (although The Connells didn’t have a female vocalist). It has that same sort of even, melodic feel to it. Vocalist Yvonne Lace (bass) also hits you with some really good lyrics like “Don’t be one of them robotic slaves of Friday night.” Sound advice. It’s true that I don’t normally feature bands based one song, but it’s a good song. Don’t just take my word for it. Give it a listen and see what you think. A Magazine for the Musical Omnivore February 5th, 2014”Gary_Schwind,_Incognito”
    • SIREN CALL, das amerikanisch/bulgarische/ungarische Grunge Konglomerat mit Headquarter in Wien, absolvierte vor wenigen Tagen einen Auftritt in …..”
      Stormbringer May 24th, 2013
    • “This is for all those people who ask me daily, “who are the new bands who just rock n roll”? Siren Call deliver a solid mix of good old guitar riffs, awesome bass sound and some solid drum beats. Yvonne Lace has one hell of a voice, and I’m sure that in 2014, you will be seeing a lot more press about Siren Call, just remember you heard them 1st at 50thirdand3rd.” December 1st, 2013
    • “Siren Call is an incredibly gifted band. I had the pleasure of booking them in 2012 and seeing their amazing talent live. They embody the soul and feel of legendary predecessors, with vocals and music you feel like you’ve heard before, but it’s also very unique. They put on one hell of a performance, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing duo.” Whisky A Go-Go, Booking Agent.



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