Just a Man (Official)

Music video by Siren Call performing Just a Man.

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How many wasted nights?
How many broken vows?
How many hopeful eyes?
Before you realize…

The damage that you cause
The girls with the open arms.
The damage that you cause
Your girl with the patient hear.
A sickening desire.

And you just stand there
Pretending not to care.
With your tattooed skin and long, messy hair.
You’ll lick your lips and stare.
Her see-through skin and golden hair.

Untouchable, behind the wall
But we both know, what they all know
Tonight she’s gonna be your doll
Your fallen muse of rock’n’roll

She might be just a fan, but you’re just a man..
She might be just a fan, but you’re just a man.

Performed, Copyright and Written by Siren Call All rights reserved