Upcoming Siren Call Video Interview with Westside Rebellion

The siren joins the  Westside rebellion.

Siren Call is a band with a deep connection to Southern California. It was only a matter of time for the siren to join the Westside Rebellion of freedom through punk and its boundless incarnations of self-expression.

WestSide Rebellion Magazine is a “multimedia magazine about music, and literature”, dedicated to covering California’s rich “counter-culture” – a culture which has inspired generations around the world to be themselves. From the hippies of 60s San Francisco, to the punk rock movement, with bands like The Descendants, Sublime and Black Flag – the Westside has been a source of an undying freedom movement.

Punk in California is different than anywhere else in the world. Instead of defining “hardcore” as a staple of loudness and aggression, California has embraced a wide range of styles as “punk”, all marked by authenticy and a penchant for non-comformity. People of different color, gender, cultural background and ethnicity were embraced by punk in a land built on multiculturalism and fearless experimentation.

Siren Call has always been an unusual band unable to fit a certain category. Based in Vienna, Austria Siren Call’s sound is a mixure of grunge, punk and classic rock guitar solos with a Bulgarian bassist frontwoman and an LA native for a guitarist. In 2015 Siren Call once again sailed across the Atlantic to the Westside where they met with Diondre Flemming, the magazine founder, and Oscar Elizondo, the magazine’s photographer at the legendary Whisky a Go Go.

This summer Siren Call was back in Los Angeles and they have teamed with the magazine for an exclusive video interview, discussing music, inspiration and cultural differences between Europe and the US among other themes. Stay tuned for the interview, which will be posted on www.sirencallofficial.com in the upcoming weeks. Also keep up with the Westside Rebellion at: http://www.westsiderebellion.com/

Join the rebellion. Succumb the siren call.