Siren Call “New Music Critique” in Music Connection Magazine

Siren Call gets reviewed by Music Connection Magazine as part of their “New Music Critique” section in the latest issue of the iconic magazine.

Putting the emerging band’s music under the microscope, Music Connection gives their take on Siren Call’s “crafty songs such as the moody “Rose Ashes,” the lurching mid-tempo rocker “Just A Man” and the driving, no nonsense “Harness””.

Read the full review here:

“Published since 1977, Music Connection magazine is a monthly music trade publication catering to musicians, industry professionals, and support services. Commonly referred to as “the musicians bible,” Music Connection exists to serve artists and music people, to offer connections to the unconnected and to provide exclusive information that can help our readers take their music to the next level.”  –

Feelin’ the #sirencalllove – a love note to our fans

This post goes out to Siren Call’s fans – the beautiful sirens and sailors who have supported our music and  brought love and inspiration to our band. This is to express our gratitude and to invite more and more of you to join our movement towards bringing the alt-rock/grunge aesthetic back! And what better day to express our love to you than today, Sept. 24th: the 25th anniversary of the classic Nirvana album “Nevermind”, which brought alternative music to the masses and changed the trajectory of what popular music can be.

What does that mean to us? Well, as a band inspired by the early 90s we value authenticity, poetic lyrics and uninhibited self-expression. And there is nothing more meaningful than finding like-minded music lovers who also happen to dig our music – so THANK YOU for being YOU!

This is a collage of some of our most loyal and devoted fans and we excited to make an even larger collage, so if you have Siren Call T-shirt or any other SC-related merch, send us your pics! Or better yet, make a post with the pic and be part of the #sirencalllove.

To those of you who are new to this website and to Siren Call, don’t hesitate to contact us….we’d love to hear from you. If you like the Siren Call T-shirts, but don’t have one, have no fear – soon we will have an online merch shop for you right here on this website. Furthermore, we have CDs about to be available for sale both here and through other channels!

Anyway…let this be a love note to you, our fans – the current and future ones. Thank you for being there, for inspiring our music and fueling our passion. There is nothing more precious than sharing our dream with you.Together, we are unstoppable.





Siren Call at the World Famous Doll Hut

International Vienna-based altrock band Siren Call goes to SoCal for a night of music at the World Famous Doll Hut in Anaheim. So how does a European band fit the sun-soaked world, surf cool Orange County world?

For starters, Siren Call is not your typical “local” band. Unafraid to cross continents and oceans for their music, Siren Call is a mixture of the classic and modern. Inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the sirens, with music  largerly influenced by the SoCal sound, Siren Call has been known to be break boundaries as musical ambassadors of modern myths.

“With our music, we create a bridge between the old and the new, creating our own sort of mythology through our music,” explains Siren Call singer and bassist Yvonne Lace. “The reason why Southern California is so important to Siren Call, is because it is the land where modern myths are created. Just think of Hollywood, Disneyland and the rock’n’roll revolution of the 20th century. There is no better place in the modern world for sirens to flourish than Southern California.”

If you are still not convinced about Siren Call’s SoCal connection, just listen to Yvonne Lace’s voice and you will think that Gwen Stefani is back with No Doubt during the Tragic Kindgom days.

Therefore it is only fitting that Siren Call has set ashore to play at one of Orange County’s cultural gems, The Doll Hut. According to the venue’s website, this “O.C. institution is more than a 100- year-old wooden bar room originally built in the early 1900’s as a private residence it became a truck stop cafe in 1930’s. In 1957 The Doll Hut became a live music venue, made world famous when purchased by promoter Linda Jemison in the late 1980’s.”

Come and experience the siren call for yourself at The Doll Hut in Anaheim this Thursday 8/11/16 at 7pm.

Facebook event: